15% nationals over 60 years old in china

Today,we can know something about the China rapidly aging,As of now,15% nationals over 60 years old in china.They are the seniors and can not work for the life.The number of Chinese aged 60 or older has more than 2 million and they are the 14.9% of the total population.So we can know more seniors are,more better service can be provided.This number of the population is significantly higher than 10% of United Nations standards of traditional aging society.About this situation,we should have a better attitude for this questions.Older people can meet some senior singles on the website.

Last year,the National Committee on Aging expects that China will enter the peak of aging in the next 20 years"Older women and men are getting rich,China has become an increasingly prominent issue By the end of 2012, China 's elderly population over 60 years of about 190 million,14% of the total population. Last year China Committee on Aging office announced that the last 60 years or older population will exceed 200 million , over the next 20 years the average annual increase 10 million elderly people , around 2050 , the elderly population will reach one-third of the country's population . Currently the world's elderly population over 100 million Chinese a country only . 200 million elderly population in Indonesia is equivalent to the total population , more than Brazil , Russia, Japan, their total population . If, as the total population of a country , but also ranked fourth in the world .

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